A Brief History.

In the late 1970s, several leading members of the famous Tannoy brand left the company with the aim of producing high-quality audio systems to serve the formal meeting space, as the world began to become more connected.

Large scale meetings involving hundreds of delegates, often from different parts of the world, became more popular.

The challenge was to enable everyone to hear each other effectively in big meeting spaces, and to understand each other when speaking different languages.

From this, the conference & interpretation system was born, which Auditel were central in pioneering.

From the factories in England, these systems were shipped to every corner of the world.


Current Day

More than 40 years later, we are still market leaders, having built our reputation on our three key values (quality, reliability, innovation), and for which we are renown globally.

Auditel still continues to design & manufacture all equipment in the UK, and our systems are sent across the world everyday through our large and widespread distribution channels of local industry experts.

Key Installs Across The Globe
  • UK Parliament, Westminster
  • United Nations Conference Centre, Ethiopia (UNECA)
  • Chamber of Deputies of Mexico
  • Council of Representatives of Iraq
  • House of Representatives, Zanzibar
  • Consultative Assembly of Qatar
  • Mediterranean Conference Centre, Malta
  • Jamaican Conference Centre, Kingston (United Nations)
  • Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Bayan Palace, Kuwait
  • National Congress of Brazil
  • 100+ Local Authorities of the UK
  • National Assembly of Sudan
  • Parliament of Zimbabwe
  • Parliament of Uganda
Conference Microphones
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Bespoke Design

We specialise in bespoke design of our microphone units, which is often a crucial deciding factor in which system to install, as the microphone units are the front-end parts of the solution which the user will see, touch and use. As these solutions are often installed in buildings of historical significance, this proves very important and is another reason why we are the go-to choice for so many high-level institutions across the globe. We are able to offer bespoke products because we manufacture everything in-house, from material to electronics to finishing – meaning that the front end of the solution can blend in seamlessly with the interior of the building, old or new.


We constantly innovate and bring out the newest, latest technologies to the marketplace based on the direct feedback loop we have with our client database, which means that we offer the industry not just what it wants, but what it needs.

Our extensive experience in this field has also led us to become experts in all-round AV integration, meaning we can deliver complete AV solutions for the formal meeting space – everything from our manufactured products to visual display solutions, public address systems and hard-of-hearing systems. Our talented Engineering team is also available for direct support anywhere in the world to assist our channel partners in commissioning of shipped systems, in addition to remote support from our offices in the UK.

Auditel HQ

The Auditel HQ is based in High Wycombe, just a few miles northwest of London, with our supporting material and precision engineering plants also based locally within the Thames Valley area.

From these bases, the following departments of the business operate, to pull together the high-quality systems we have been renown for so long for:










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