Wondering what goes into producing your equipment? Let us help you solve the mystery.

Our in-house workshop supports us in all aspects of project implementation, from planning to production. The professionals in our manufacturing and production operations accurately implement customer requests on the production line. There are no limits on what we can offer, particularly with respect to materials, colour, size and design.


From the production date until day of delivery, our products are ensured to the highest standard of finish, inspection, shipping and installation. Whether we’re innovating or inventing, we’re also sharing what we do, inspiring each other and jointly working together.

We control every aspect of our production. We have personally sourced, purchased and maintain a huge range of industry standard machines.

Our dedicated and full-time quality control team inspect, examine, test and try-out each and every component that we produce, ensuring quality of workmanship, and that every product meets our exact requirements.

With facilities on site we take all our projects from start to finish in-house.

We also provide bespoke maintenance contracts to compliment any or all of our service provision, meeting the demands of some of the world’s biggest audio visual & video conference systems users.