The Client

Conwy County Council is situated in the North of Wales. The county borough is divided into 38 electoral wards returning 59 councillors.

The Requirement

Conwy County Council required a new microphone conferencing system to be installed inside their multi-purpose room. The system needed to be secure, reliable, cost affective and flex-able for their meeting. The new equipment needed to allow for electronic voting, ID attendance, secure Hard of Hearing as well as push to talk microphone, loud speaker system and translation.

Because the room layout changes depending on the meeting type being held in the chamber, the system needed to be flex-able enough for the different room changes and still meet all of the councils requirements, yet still give the look and feel of a permanent council chamber.

There was also a size restraint on the desks. The council did not want a surface mounted unit but a flush mounted unit to help save space for the councillors. The only available location for this was at the back of the desks.

  • Auditel’s IDN Digital Discussion System
    3 button voting
    ID card system
    XLR detachable microphone
    Ring illuminant
    Custom-made unit design
    BLIP2D bilingual translation system

The Solution

Auditel’s IDN Digital Discussion System was the clear choice for this project, the IDN system met all of the councils needs by having 3 button voting, ID card system for attendance records & XLR detachable microphone with ring illuminant. We were able to design and build a bespoke unit which could be installed in the 45 degree slope at the back on the desk. The unit was so compact that it could fit inside a double gang plate.

For the changing middle desks, we terminated the two microphones to the end of the desk run. Depending on the room set up, the council can simply connect the desks together and terminate the last desk in the floor box that housed the VGA/HDMI, USB, CAT5 and mains power.

For the translation, we installed our own BLIP2D bilingual translation system that issues the translation audio over the existing infra-red panels. The operator had a touch screen monitor to control the meeting and has the ability to control al microphones and electronic voting. The chairman position also has a duplicate screen with the same control features.

The IDN system is a hard wired system which offers maximum security, reliability and best value for public money.