The Client

Kent County Council had a twenty year old Auditel microphone system for their grade-listed Chamber. This is true testament and only one example of many, of the superior build quality of our systems, which makes them so long-lasting. It also means that we outlive any of our competitors, and by investing in Auditel Systems, you invest for the future.

The Requirement

In 2016, Kent County Council decided to upgrade their old system by having a like for like modern equivalent, to ensure their Chamber mic system, which is business critical for them, was both fool-proof and futureproofed.

  • Integrated USB power
    Custom-made, British manufactured new panels
    Recycled old cabling
    New ultra-ergonomic ‘silent’ button design

The Solution

We helped the Council achieve this by installing new microphone units with the latest technology, but the same functionality. This meant that the Council’s Democratic operations were largely uninterrupted.

We also provided them with integrated USB power, so that Members of the Council can use their devices at will during lengthy sessions.

We manufactured custom-made new panels to fit exactly into the existing cut out holes, meaning that no disturbance was made to the existing interior of the Chamber. We reused the old cabling runs and even some of the old equipment, in an attempt to save costs for the Council. The units were finished in an attractive business black paint and embossed with the Council’s logo, and it was complemented by our all-new ultra-ergonomic ‘silent’ button design, as one of the first sites in the UK to receive this new development in our innovative technology.