The Client

The project with North Hertfordshire District Council was undertaken by the council’s IT department who engaged directly with Auditel regarding the new installations.

The Requirement

The project for North Hertfordshire District Council was an open tender which Auditel won the contract for as part of the council’s move from their old premises to their new offices. Auditel had to deliver something that was modern and state-of-the-art, but at the same time matched to the very clearly defined specification.

The most crucial element of this project was the hi-tech, bespoke design of the microphone units, which included a high gloss, Perspex faceplate covering, with an illuminated backlight LED logo underneath, producing one of the most attractive designs Auditel currently have on display.

The Solution

Auditel completed the entire installation including integrating their systems with the existing cabling infrastructure as part of the new build office. This was completed to ensure that when the offices were opened, the chamber was already done as part of the project and would be ready for use.

The specification called for a digital Conference Microphone System and therefore, the Auditel Diplomat system was chosen for this project. In addition, a high-quality 100v Line PA system was used, with an Amp in rack and wall-mounted, white column line array loudspeakers to blend in unobtrusively with walls. Market leaders Extron were chosen for the seamless digital AV network & control system and fitted 90” hi-definition LED flat panels for the visual displays. Additional installations carried out by Auditel included:

  • Digital AV matrix installed offering total flexibility to point any source to any output, easy source switching and complete system control using 2 x touchpanels, one tablemount version at control position and another on the wall near the door
  • Wall-mounted  90” LED flat panel screens 
  • Active HDMI video distribution system with 1 x laptop input floorbox and a secondary input via a fixed presentation PC on the Dais at the meeting operator position
  • Meeting operator presentation PC also doubles up as ACCS control position
  • Chair position has dedicated 10” chairperson’s monitor linked to ACCS which displays custom info for Chair
  • Single fixed camera with extension link to committee room for public ‘overflow’

Custom Features

As part of the installation, bespoke microphone units were custom made. The custom units consisted of: a 30cm pluggable gooseneck, request button, card-reader, loudspeaker, 3.5mm headphone socket, black Perspex faceplate with silver gloss surround edge and a LED backlit council logo/auditel logo.

Initially, 60 Auditel Diplomat portable mic units were supplied but after the decision was made not to move the desks after all; holes were cut into the desks and Auditel were able to simply drop the units into the desks to create a flushmount design – making ‘flexible installation design’ as a feature of Auditel’s Diplomat microphone units.

Aside from the bespoke microphone units, the conference system’s cabling network had to be smartly managed in terms of installation across the furniture. Therefore Auditel worked within the containment of the desks and even added their own new, matching metalwork containments in some areas of the desks, to ensure that everything looked as neat as possible.

Why Auditel is the right match for local councils

Asides from the quality and reliability of their products and solutions, what makes Auditel the right fit for any organisation who holds decision making meetings in the formal meeting environment, is the fact that they truly understand this space, particularly within the government sector. Auditel are very much market specialists, as the leading manufacturer in their field for over 40 years, they know exactly how these meetings are conducted and as a result, are able to design, develop, manufacture and deliver, technologies which directly assist the democratic process. This is what has made Auditel so strong in their industry,  in every corner of the globe.