ACP2000 – Card Programmer


  • 100% functional compatibility to DEL-E3 cards
  • When powered, the green LED indicator on the front face of the unit illuminates
  • Red indicator illuminates when the card is being accessed
  • Easily programmable

Tech Spec:

  • Supplied with a DB9-DB25 cable and external plug-top
  • Supply voltage – 12V PSU
  • Supply current – 100-240v AC 50/60Hz
  • 90mm (W) x 25mm (H) 90mm (D)


  • Currently unavailable


  • ACP2000/M Card Programmer with UK Plugtop PSU
  • ACP2000/MW Card Programmer with World Plugtop PSU (with interchangeable plug)
Card programmer
The ACP2000 is the card programmer used with ACCS for any Auditel conference system. It connects to the Auditel Computer, allowing the DEL-E3 card to be mapped to a delegate position within the delegate file in ACCS. Cards can be reprogrammed with ease by any user trained on ACCS; ACCS will only allow one card to be programmed per delegate for security reasons. The ACP2000 is housed in a compact, rugged & lightweight casing that can sit discreetly alongside the central control interface(s) of any AV system.