DEL-E3 – Delegate ID Card


  • 100% functional compatibility to SLE 4442
  • Two-wire link protocol
  • Contact configuration and Answer-to-Reset synchronous transmission
  • Sophisticated electrical characteristics

Tech Spec:

  • Supply voltage – 5V ± 10 %
  • Supply current – < 3mA (typical 600 μA)
  • Ambient temperature – -40 – +80°C for chip, -25 – +80°C for module
  • 54mm (W) x 85mm (D)
  • EEPROM endurance minimum 100,000 erase / write cycles
  • Data retention for minimum of 10 years


  • Currently unavailable


• DEL-E3 Delegate ID Card

Delegate ID Card

The DEL-E3 card is designed to work in conjunction with Auditel card reading consoles fitted to any Auditel microphone unit. The system is designed for identifying members of meeting, allowing for easier data collection e.g. voting / camera tracking. The card is particularly useful where seating is not permanently assigned, or as an enhanced security measure. The card is normal ‘credit card’ sized and can be customised with printing (e.g. photo/ name) upon request.

It is also possible to integrate multi-technology e.g. magnetic strip / contactless into the card so that it can be used in conjunction with an organisation’s door entry system in the office building, for example. The card’s RFID chip ‘replaces’ the delegate position otherwise assigned to a particular microphone unit by ACCS, meaning that ACCS associates a position on its delegate fie with a card, as opposed to a min unit; this is what allows for flexible positioning of any delegate at any mic unit within a system.

Cards are programmed (and can be reprogrammed) easily, using the Auditel ACP-2000 connected to the ACCS Computer that is running the conference system concerned; changes and registration are carried out using a user-friendly GUI application within ACCS.