FP2000 – Fingerprint Registration Unit


  • Can be integrated into microphone units
  • Increases security
  • Easily modified via Auditel’s ACCS

Tech Spec:

  • Power supply – 5V 1A plug top
  • Serial lead – D89 rs232
  • 70mm (W) x 25mm (D) x 130mm (L)


  • Currently unavailable


  • FP2000 Biometric Fingerprint Registration Unit

Biometric Fingerprint Registration Unit

The FP2000 is the Biometric Fingerprint Registration Unit used with ACCS for any Auditel conference system. It connects to the Auditel Computer, allowing the users Fingerprint to be mapped to a delegate position within the delegate file in ACCS. Fingerprints can be reprogrammed with ease by any user trained on ACCS; ACCS will only allow one fingerprint to be programmed per delegate for security reasons. The FP2000 is housed in a compact, rugged & lightweight casing that can sit discreetly alongside the central control interface(s) of any AV system. The system could work with and without a Diplomat conference / SI system. It requires central connection to a DNC and is best suited for use with our DHS-1L stereo headphones.