Microphone Unit DDMU/DCMU-S


• Component part of the Diplomat conference system
• Flexible installation design
• Ergonomic silent ‘soft-touch’ buttons
• Sturdy heavy-duty mild-steel backbox with rubber feet
• Titled faceplate for ergonomic UI experience
• Custom finishing/printing available on request

Tech Specs:

• RJ45 I/O with LED indicators; daisy-chains into the DNS loop
• 8-pin DIN microphone socket for DM-1 series gooseneck with screw-lock connecting collar
• RFID card-reader slot with LED indicator
• Faceplate approx. dimensions: 240mm x 120mm, can vary dependent on custom design requirements
• Backbox approx. dimensions W230mm x D100mm x H60mm [rear]/40mm [front], can vary dependent on custom design requirements


• DDMU-S-x Diplomat Delegate Microphone Unit with loudspeaker & request button
• DCMU-S-x Diplomat Chairman Microphone Unit with loudspeaker & request button

Available extras:
– 3V 3-button Electronic Voting
– 5V 5-button Electronic Voting
– C Card-Reader
– 1LP Single Channel Selector (comes with basic display)
– 2LP Dual Channel Selector (comes with basic display)

eg. DDMU-S-5VC1LP = Diplomat Delegate Microphone Unit with 5-button Electronic Voting, Card-Reader, Single Channel Selector.

Small-body design microphone unit for the Diplomat conference system, available with the following features:

• Request button (included as standard)
• Loudspeaker (included as standard, single or dual)
• Electronic Voting (5-button or 3-button)
• Card-Reader
• Channel Selector (single or dual)
• USB charging
• Priority button for Chair unit (DCMU-S)

Any combination of the above options is available, as with Auditel, custom is standard. Bespoke finishing/printing is available on request. As a component part of the Diplomat system, all microphone units benefit from our ergonomic silent ‘soft-touch’ buttons and ultra high-quality audio. The base unit is spec’d separately from the gooseneck (DM-1) and the intelligent design of the DDMU/DCMU-x units means that they are suitable for both portable and fixed installations.

Custom design requirements mean that sample images may vary from production units as well their respective approximate dimensions provided.

For more details, please read our Diplomat brochure.