Auxilary Power Unit APU-100E


• Standard rackmount unit (2U)
• Mains-powered
• Sturdy metal chassis
• Connects to DSC using Envoy extension cable (EX-)

Tech Specs:

• Voltage – 115 or 230V
• Frequency range – 50 – 60Hz
• Max current – 3A
• 2U rackmount (standard 19″)
• 5 x Envoy 7-pin DIN connector sockets (4 x zones + 1 x DSC connection)
• Size (HxWxD) – 90x485x430mm (19″x2U) – uncased
• Weight – 8.25kg


• APU-100E Envoy CCU Auiliary Power Supply Unit (power 100 units), rack-mounting
• APU-100E/S Envoy CCU Auiliary Power Supply Unit (power 100 units), freestanding
• APU-200E/S Envoy CCU Auiliary Power Supply Unit (power 200 units), freestanding

The APU-100E is an auxilary power supply providing up to an additional 100 units of power on any envoy system, by connecting to the systems central control unit (DSC100). A further APU-100E can be added to the same system to provide up to 256 units connected at one time, which is the maximum capacity of the Envoy system.