Auxilary Input Unit DIU 4/6-E


• Connects in-line with one of the network zones; no loss of a zone
• Front panel LED-lit buttons for input selection/activation

Tech Specs:

• 1U rackmount chassis
• 4 or 6 x 3-pin XLR inputs (phantom power options available)
• 7-pin DIN Envoy Network I/O connectors
• Mains-power option available


• DIU4-E Envoy Auxiliary Input Unit (4-in)
• DIU6-E Envoy Auxiliary Input Unit (6-in)

Designed to allow external audio sources to be introduced to the Envoy system and treated as though they were inputs from delegate units. Connects to the DSC (or APU) of the corresponding system and allows 4/6 auxiliary devices e.g. radio mics to be read as part of the Envoy system. This gives the capability for these devices to work with ACCS and be remotely switched on/off or to join a request queue for example.