Auditel supply a range of PTZ cameras (including HD) and accessories which were developed specifically to interface with Auditel’s conference systems in order to provide automatic camera control for display of “current speaker” on large screens or for distribution, archiving, streaming and webcasting.

We provide a comprehensive recording solution which allows you to record the meeting for local playback or to publish to the internet. Our video can record whatever video input you would like such as camera feeds, computer feeds and presentation inputs.

Our HD Camera Systems work with any of our conference microphone systems and we also supply controllers (our PC-ACCS) which allow the customer to control the content and resolution as they should wish.

The Auditel HD video camera offers perfect functions, superior performance and a rich interface. Features include H.264/H.264+ encoding which makes motion video fluent. Ideal for webcasting public council and committee meetings.

Automated Camera Tracking

All components of the system work together to enable the cameras, which are PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom), to automatically ‘follow’ the live speaker, similar to the effect you would get on a parliamentary broadcast, but completely negating the need for an operator.

An Auditel HD Camera System would include: 

  • HD Cameras – normally three in total; one for a default ‘overview’ shot ie. facing the Dais/top table, as well as two further cameras to capture all other angles. A three camera setup works fine if the dais/top table position is fixed, but if it is likely to be moved, then we would recommend an additional camera in the space to ensure all angles are covered. This means that you don’t capture the backs of people’s heads, because the default shot can be selected to a different – four cameras means one in every corner of the room.
  • HD Camera Wall Brackets – To securely hold the cameras in place, without limiting their ability to rotate/tilt.
  • HD Camera Switcher
  • PC-ACCS – An Auditel computer running ACCS with 8-port serial card, Camera Control module and Comserver module, giving you full control over the system.

Alongside incredibly high quality footage, as the camera system is connected to ACCS, it can also pick up pertinent meeting information from within ACCS and push this to a broadcast-style ‘ticker-tape’ at the bottom of the camera image, known as an Overlay. Information such as:

  • Live speaker name
  • Speech timer
  • Meeting time & date
  • Meeting name
  • Organisation name

The output of our camera switcher is broadcast-ready video, which can be left in SDI or converted using supplied converter, into industry-standard HDMI.

From here, the signal can be treated as a regular AV video signal; the most common forms of usage are as follows:

  • Live streaming aka ‘webcasting’
  • Video recording
  • Input into an AV distribution system for display onto visual solutions such as large LCD flat panels or projectors, either within the meeting space, or outside to another room as ‘overflow’…all of which Auditel can support.

Bringing it all together

The below diagram shows how our HD Camera systems connect with our conference microphone systems and other products: