HD PTZ Camera

Specification and main features:

  • Employs 1/2.8 inch high quality CMOS sensor
  • Resolution > 1920×1080 w/ 60 fps
  • Wide-range, quiet and quick pan/tilt mechanism
  • Audio input interface
  • Supports 16000, 32000, 44100, 48000 sampling frequency and multiple audio/video compression
  • Supports H.264/ H.264+ video compression; supporting AAC, MP3 and PCM audio
  • DVI (HDMI), 3G SDI, USB, wired LAN and wireless LAN interfaces w/ 5G Wi-Fi function
  • 100m transmission and ±170° pan rotation
  • Supports ONVIF, RTSP, RTMP protocols and RTMP push mode, easy to link streaming media server (FMS)
  • Low-power sleep/wake up, w/ less than 400mW consumption

Auditel supply a range of PTZ cameras (including HD) and accessories which were developed specifically to interface with Auditel’s conference systems in order to provide automatic camera control for display of “current speaker” on large screens or for distribution, archiving, streaming and webcasting.

We provide a comprehensive recording solution which allows you to record the meeting for local playback or to publish to the internet. Our video can record whatever video input you would like such as camera feeds, computer feeds and presentation inputs.

We also supply controllers which allow the customer to control the content and resolution as they should wish.

The Auditel HD video camera offers perfect functions, superior performance and a rich interface. Features include H.264/H.264+ encoding which makes motion video fluent. Ideal for webcasting public council and committee meetings.