Our world-class interpretation systems can carry up to 64 channels of HQ audio, using the basic principle of a central controller to manage all the languages, plus any number of interpreter units.

We also boast the world’s only Bi-Lingual Interpretation System.

We specialise in dual interpreter units, offering flexibility, scalability and futureproofing. Our interpreter units have all the features and controls necessary to fine-tune an interpreter’s work and are built with durability in mind to support the most fast-paced pressuring environments; they also comply with IEC914 and related international standards for interpretation equipment.

Our SI equipment is designed to work natively with any of our conference microphone systems, but they can equally be used as standalone interpretation systems, receiving any type of 3rd party ‘floor audio’.

Likewise, languages can be distributed via any 3rd party distribution system, or, our fantastic wireless IR and/or wired distribution systems.

Auditel Diplomat Microphones

Flagship SI system
Up to 64 channels
Centrally-mgd. seamless fully-digital network
Works natively with Diplomat Conference Microphone System
Dual Interpreter Units

Auditel IDN Microphones

Hallmark SI system
Up to 12 channels
Entry level market-leader
Single and Dual Interpreter Units

Auditel Envoy Microphones

Bilingual Interpretation
2 simple channels
All-in-one solution, no central controller
Option for integrated IR transmitter