Microphone Gooseneck DM-1


• Immune to mobile interference
• Digital audio transmission in microphones stem from the top-down
• Digital Signal Processor / Sensitivity Calibration data stored in head
• Available in 30cm length as standard (customisation of length and colour available

Tech Specs:

• S/N ratio – 69dBa
• Frequency response – 100 – 12,000Hz


• DM-1-20 Diplomat Pluggable Microphone Gooseneck Stem 20 cm
• DM-1-30 Diplomat Pluggable Microphone Gooseneck Stem 30 cm
• DM-1-50 Diplomat Pluggable Microphone Gooseneck Stem 50 cm

The DM-1 series gooseneck is the only truly fully-digital conference microphone available on the market today. Using our revolutionary unique ‘top-down’ digital technology, it enables the audio signal to be digitised in the head, just millimetres from the capsule, unlike most other digital goosenecks which digitise the audio further down. This gives mobile phones and other devices, virtually no chance for their signals to interfere, offering true ‘zero-interference’. The second byproduct is outstanding sound quality and pickup, which can then be carried across DNS in any of the Diplomat system’s component parts at a 48kHz/24bit sampling rate. The DM-1’s attractive, modern and sleek appearance offers enhanced ergonomics, a strong flexible gooseneck and a screw-lock connector, which fits into any DADU/DACU microphone unit or a DAIU interpreter unit via its pluggable socket. It has a tricolour ring luminant and is offered in any desired finish. Standard lengths are 30cm and 50cm although as always with Auditel, custom is standard. A shorter version of the DM-1 series (DM-1-20) is available in a 20cm length, which is often used with the DAIU as an interpreter’s gooseneck.