Dual Interpreter Unit DAIU


• Pluggable gooseneck microphone slot
• 3x Outgoing language pre-sets
• 5x Relay pre-sets

Tech Specs:

• 3.5mm headphone jack
• 1/4″ headphone sockets
• Silent button design


• DAIU Diplomat Dual Interpreter Unit

Interpreter Unit for use with the Diplomat system, connects to the DNC central controller by the same CATx cabling used across a connected Diplomat system. This enables any DAIU to pick up and be programmed onto any of the 64 digital audio channels available on DNS. Optimised for dual user operation, for challenging requirements in high-pressure environments where two interpreters may work on the same desk taking turns, although it can be used by a single user as well. Industry-standard button and knob controls are designed for rigorous usage and enable a user’s settings to be retained during sessions, as well as a large backlit LCD information display for the interpreters, plus gentle button halos for enhanced ergonomics; the DAIU also benefits from the Diplomat’s ergonomic silent ‘soft-touch’ buttons, reducing noise pickup and increasing comfort during use. As a fully-digital interpreter console, it is capable of carrying out regular SI functions as well as relay interpretation with almost zero latency; as a component part of the Diplomat system it carries the ultra high-quality audio (48kHz, 24bit) available from within DNS, across the DAIU at all times. Can be used with the DHSM-2 headset that includes a boom mic; or with the DM-1 series gooseneck microphone and DHS-1 headphones. The unit is IEC914 compliant as well as adhering to all international standards for simultaneous interpretation – the world’s finest interpreter console currently available on the market.