Dual Interpreter Unit IP-6D/2


• 6-language dual unit
• 4 operating modes
• Easy to use
• High quality audio
• Up to 5 units per booth

Tech Specs:

• Audio output frequency response – 100Hz-15kHz (±3dB)
• Floor channel loudspeaker frequency response – 175Hz-16kHz (±3dB)
• Weight – 3.2kg
• Size (HxWxD) – 85x360x165mm


• IP-6D/2 Legacy SIS 6-channel Dual Interpreter Unit

Interpreter unit for the Legacy SI system, used with the M12P central controller. Can support up to 6 units connected to an M12P simultaneously, giving the whole system capability for 6 languages plus the floor. The IP-6D/2 is optimised for dual user operation, for challenging requirements in high-pressure environments where two interpreters may work on the same desk taking turns, although it can be used by a single user as well. Industry-standard button and knob controls are designed for rigorous usage and enable a user’s settings to be retained during sessions. Can be used with the HSM-4 headset that includes a boom mic; or with the MIC-2 microphone and HS-2 headphones. The unit is ISO2603 and IEC914 compliant as well as adhering to all international standards for simultaneous interpretation and has been a proven market leader for many years.