Auditel has developed its own software in-house in order to help customers get the most out of their conference systems.

Auditel’s Conference Control Software (ACCS) enables key features such as voting, fingerprint recognition, and more and gives customers everything they need to manage and run the full Auditel system.

Auditel’s video and audio recording software works seamlessly with Auditel’s conference systems, providing a comprehensive recording solution. As well as creating a high quality audio and video recordings, the audio software also provides microphone information on to the audio file. This means that the recording includes a full list of the people involved in the meeting as well as the information on who is speaking and at what time.

Although our software has been specifically designed to work with our own Conference Systems, the audio and video recording software can also be used stand-alone without Auditel equipment.

All of our software runs on our PC-ACCS hardware.

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