• Main display shows screen mimic, chairman, list of delegates, current speakers, previous speakers, requests, withdrawn requests, agenda time and speech time
• Delegate editor to enter delegate’s name, party, speaking rights, voting rights, microphone number and card number
• Integration with camera systems, so a camera can automatically zoom to the live speaker
• Messages can be sent to LCD displays on the delegate units

Network Features:

• Changes of parameters can be made to a single delegate or group of delegates
• Delegates can be sorted by mic number, card number or surname
• Delegates can be marked present or absent. If marked absent then delegate is disabled from speaking or voting – this change is made automatically on the operator’s PC
• Changes automatically saved to database file


• ACCS Auditel Conference Control Software (Envoy / IDN)
• ACCS-D Auditel Conference Control Software (Diplomat)

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Request-based Discussion • Electronic Voting • Automated Speech Timer
Automated Camera • Tracking • Digital Audio Recording
Digital Video Recording • Graphic Info Display

Auditel Conference Control Software (ACCS) is our proprietary software that connects with any of our microphone systems, taking a basic discussion system and turning it into a full-feature conference system.

ACCS is run from the Auditel Computer, a powerful Windows-based rackmount workstation. Because the Auditel Computer is Windows-based, it means that its operation comes in the form of a familiar, user-friendly PC interface.

There are three options for controlling the Computer and therefore ACCS, listed below:

1) Local
2) External
3) Wireless

The Auditel Computer connects to the Central Control Unit (CCU) of the microphone system over serial (Envoy/IDN) or Ethernet (Diplomat) and allows ACCS to map all the data that is live on the mic system’s network. This enables the following features to be generated by the software, based on the data that is received from the mic system’s CCU.