• Fully featured transcribing solution when used with ACCS-S and the foot pedal accessory
  • Record to MP3 or WAV format
  • Full integration with ACCS-S conference control software to automatically time-stamp conference
    events in the recording
  • Manual annotation and comments can be added to the file whilst recording
  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Stand alone application, can be used on any Laptop with a Line-In Connection

Hardware Requirement:

  • Sound Card for recording and playback
  • USB port for foot peddle (Optional)
  • Hard Disk 3Mb free space for Application


  • Currently unavailable


  • SOF-DARSDigital Audio Recording Software

Digital Audio Recording Software

The Auditel Recorder Software is an entirely digital solution to conference recording annotation and transcription. The software captures sound through the PC’s sound card or microphone, and records to the hard disk as a time + date stamped file. Recording formats can range from CD Quality 16 Bit WAV, to compressed 8 Bit MP3 depending on storage medium constraints.