With Auditel’s Conference Control Software (ACCS), the experience is designed around the user, not what the software can provide. 

The software’s main display shows screen mimic, chairman, list of delegates, current speakers, previous speakers, requests, withdrawn reuests, the agenda time and speech time. 

Typical features include: 

  • Test microphone utility
  • Touch screen operation (with appropriate hardware)
  • Delegate editor to enter delegate’s name, party, speaking rights, voting rights, microphone number and card number
  • Integration with camera systems, so lens zooms automatically to the live speaker
  • Integration with fingerprint recognition systems (with appropriate hardware)
  • Network operations – as well as the PC directly connected to the controller, the network can support remote PCs from which the meeting can also be controlled
  • Agenda item timer that is always visible
  • Automatic printout and save to disk of vote results
  • And much more.

Spanish and Russian versions of ACCS have been produced using a special language file.