Auditel boast the only integrated USB charging facility on the conference AV market today. Born from a direct feedback loop as the leading supplier to the UK councils, we pioneered USB charging into our conference microphone units, which has taken the market by storm.

Using our specialist engineering we have designed and perfected a board and cabling structure, that enables us to provide USB power to any environment that has mains electricity available.

We can house the USB charge ports in our conference microphone units, which would use the same cable runs as the conference system network. What this means, is that we are able to easily offer USB power to any conference room, which would otherwise involve considerable reshaping of the electrical infrastructure, and therefore considerable work and expenditure.

This enables Auditel to offer a totally unique feature to any of our conference systems, which leaves behind the industry standards such as electronic voting and card readers, which all other manufacturers are limited by.

USB charging is the universal mode of charging modern devices, and will remain so for a number of years.

Our USB charging solution is not, however, limited to integration with our conference systems – we can in fact use the same technology as a standalone product, meaning that any ‘social space’ where customers or users of that space may be required to charge devices, can be powered up using our unique system.

This has proven extremely useful in many bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. where the network can continue uninterrupted within the existing furniture. It brings significant value-add to any business or space as it is such a crucial element of modern everyday life. For example, if your business or social space offers Wi-Fi, you have the Internet, but are lacking power. The combination of these two features together, when advertised, will put your offering at a distinct advance to your competitors.

For more information about this unique aspect of our value-added service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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