• Can power up to 4,000 units
  • Available in 40, 80 and 120 unit versions
  • Additional power supply units can be fitted
  • It has 6 zones Inc. 3 loops
  • 2 x Auxiliary inputs
  • 2 x Auxiliary outputs

Tech Spec:

  • System power – 48V, 0,22A
  • 64 digital audio channels – 48kHz, 24bit
  • Audio Out – +6dBU, THD+N: 86dB
  • Audio IN – -50dBU, +12dBU
  • Size (HxWxD) – 35x435x75mm
  • Rack – 2U 19″


  • Currently unavailable


  •   DNC-40 Diplomat Central Control Unit (powers up to 40 units)
  • DNC-80 Diplomat Central Control Unit (powers up to 80 units)
  • DNC-120 Diplomat Central Control Unit (powers up to 120 units)

Central Control Unit

Heart of the Diplomat conference & interpretation system, acting as the controller for both the interpretation system and the conference system. When integrated, both component parts become part of the same digital network (DNS) and when separate, they can act as standalone systems (either conference or interpretation). DNS is capable of supporting up to 64 channels which can be assigned to different languages when any number of DAIUs is connected. As a seamless digital network, DNS is capable of maintaining the Diplomat’s ultra high-quality audio (48kHz, 24bit) across all component parts – conference/interpretation/listening posts. The DNC is available with different built-in PSUs depending on what number of units are required to be connected as part of the system (40 / 80 / 120). It has 6 x RJ45 I/O connectors representing the 6 x zones or 3 x redundant loop pairs which are individually bootable by push-buttons, into which the DNS’ CATx cabling infrastructure would start/finish. For power beyond 120 units connected at the same time, the Intelligent Power Injector (IPI) is used, a locally-fitted (on the zone) power injector. Full-feature front panel control available including backlit LCD display, rotary knobs and push buttons for the various functions, as well as local monitoring. Like all Auditel CCUs, the DNC uses RS-232 comms to link with an Auditel Computer, enabling ACCS to be integrated with the connected conference system plus more.