• Attractive, sleek design
  • Wide array of customisation options
  • Available in single or dual options
  • Suitable for desk-mounting, flush-mounting, seatarm mounting etc.
  • Seamless integration with Diplomat network
  • Supplied with secure backbox housing electronics

Tech Spec:

  • Dimensions – Project-specific
  • Sampling rate – 48KHz/24Bits
  • I/O connection – RJ45 (CATx cabling onto Diplomat network)
  • Audio connection – 3.5mm stereo headphone jack


  • Currently unavailable


  • DLP Diplomat Listening Post
  • DLP-D Diplomat Listening Post, Dual

Listening Post

The Diplomat Listening Post is a standalone unit used for selecting any language channel on the Diplomat network. As a component part of the Diplomat network, it is able to retain and produce the same high-quality audio (48KHz/24Bits) found elsewhere on DNS.

Electronically similar to the integrated channel selector found on a Diplomat mic unit, a simple user interface is provided consisting of a backlit LCD display, a 3.5mm headphone connection socket and two sets of control buttons, one for the channel selection and another for the headphone output volume control.
The LCD displays the relevant language selected by its ISO 639 language code eg. AR (Arabic); EN (English) and not just a number. The DLP also benefits from Auditel’s ergonomic silent ‘soft-touch’ buttons. It can be designed in any shape, finish and/or with any printing/logo requests and even outfitted with integrated USB charging docks.

The system could work with and without a Diplomat conference / SI system. It requires central connection to a DNC and is best suited for use with our DHS-1L stereo headphones.