Induction Neckloop NL-1


• Covers moderate to severe hearing loss
• 3.5mm mono jack plug
• 0.5m captive cable
• Suitable for use with hearing aids equipped with T-coil switch or induction earphone
• Impedance matched to compatible Auditel equipment for favourable volume control characteristics

Tech Specs:

• Type – Dynamic
• Impedance – 8-16ohms
• Input power – 500mW max
• Magnetic field strength – 25mW input at 1000Hz produces 1.7 A/m 6” above the centre of loop
• 85µW input produces 0.1 A/m (IEC Standard)
• Weight – 43g


Lightweight ‘mono’ induction loop to be worn around neck of hard-of-hearing meeting participants, optimised for use with our IR receivers, standard listening posts and built-in mic unit channel selectors.