Stethoset ST-1


• Optimised for speech reproduction despite lower acoustic performance than conventional headphones
• 3.5mm right angle mono jack plug
• 0.8m single entry captive cable
• Replaceable foam earplugs
• Impedance matched to compatible Auditel equipment for favourable volume control characteristics

Tech Specs:

• Type – Dynamic
• Impedance – 1000ohms
• Frequency response – 100Hz – 3.5kHz
• Nominal SPL – 121dB (±4dB)
• Distortion at 1kHz – Less than 5%
• Weight – 40g


• ST-1 Stethoset Headphones

Lightweight ‘mono’ stethoset headphones, optimised for use with our IR receivers, standard listening posts and built-in mic unit channel selectors. Alternative to conventional headphones and suitable for applications where headwear is possible.