IR Radiator EP-510


• Uses latest type GaAIAs/GaAs high efficiency diodes
• Output IR power continuously adjustable from 20% to 100%
• Automatically activated by transmitter
• Visual indicators to verify correct operation
• Loop through connections with no practical limit to size of system
• Convection cooled (no fans required)

Tech Specs:

• Maximum IR power output – 24W
• Built in DC power supply unit
• Adjustable swivel bracket
• Frequency range – 40 – 780kHz
• RF input voltage – 30mV – 2.0V
• Size (HxWxD) – 307x450x65mm
• Weight – 5.5kg


• EP-510 24W IR Radiator
• EP-510E 24W IR Radiator (Extended Frequency)

Hi-power IR radiator for the NB & WB IR systems. Comes with mounting bracket and PSU. Extended frequency version available for extra large spaces.