IR Receiver IRX-2H


• Interchangeable disposable or rechargeable batteries
• Simple to use
• Light weight
• Plug-in rechargeable battery
• Replaceable ear cushions

Tech Specs:

• Channel frequency – 95kHz and 250kHz
• Modulation – FM
• Power supply – 2 x 1.2V Ni-Cad
• Operating life – Up to 18 hours


• IRX-1H 1-channel rechargeable IR Receiver
• IRX-2H 2-channel rechargeable IR Receiver
• IRX-2HIL 2-channel rechargeable IR Receiver with Induction Neckloop

2-channel underchin stethoset IR receiver for use with the WB IR system. Stetho stems have replaceable foam earcushions and the unit is powered by a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery pack (BAT-H); units are charged with the RCR-30 charging rack. The unit also has a rotary knob for volume control, an ON/OFF switch and a sliding switch for the two selectable channels.