Complete integrated AV solutions

Our extensive experience in the field has led us to become experts in all-around AV integration, meaning we can deliver holistic AV systems for any environment and which are tailored for the formal meeting space.

We have our own team of talented engineers, which means we can take our own manufactured equipment together with hand-picked top-quality products from third-party partners and install, commission & support the whole system as an end-to-end offering.

AV can be a tricky thing to understand, so here are the key elements that should be considered as the different parts of your AV solution that would be required in the formal meeting space.


Conference Systems

Dependant on your needs, there are a range of conference system solutions available to you. Our systems can be as basis or as complex as you need, and include features such as voting, interpretation and USB charging.


Camera Systems

Utilise a camera system alongside your conference solution for a display of the “current speaker” on large screens, or archiving and distribution at a later date without the need of an operator.

Our HD camera systems work alongside any of our conference system solutions and provides a high-quality recording to ensure that any motion is fluent and stable.

Visual Displays

An absolute necessity in the modern working environment, these are the visual aid solutions that are most popular on the market:

  • Large Format Displays (LCD/LED) – up to 90″
  • Projectors (DLP or Laser) – up to 15k ANSI Lumens and up to any screen size


Consider how you want to want to use your displays, and what you want to see on them. When utilising them, we recommend:

  • Wired presentation input
  • Wireless presentation devices

Sound Reinforcement

Does your current PA system need upgrading? Make sure that voices and other media content heard no matter where people are in the room.

You will need an amplifier and a set of loudspeakers. We recommend 100v line column line array loudspeakers for fixed systems, however, options for portable solutions also exist.

AV Infrastructure

All the various elements of your AV system will need to have connectors, extenders, and other bits of hardware to make everything work – the majority of this equipment will then be housed in a factory-handwired equipment rack/cabinet.

AV Control

Having a way to control the entire system becomes crucial, especially considering that you don’t want people to mess around with the amount of infrastructure equipment in a rack – this breaks systems!

A program is written into the system and a touch-panel becomes the control mechanism for that program, through which all of the functions for the system are easily accessed and managed.

Hard of Hearing

Particularly important if your meeting space is a public space; explore the use of an Auditel Infrared System or induction loop system to ensure that all participants can hear effectively.

However, a Infrared System requires participants who are Hard of Hearing to wear receivers, whilst an induction loop does not.


Digital audio and/or video recording is also available through Auditel, due to our range of comprehensive software options.


Stream your meetings and conferences in full HD video and sound quality through Audicast, ensuring that participants who may not be able to attend in person are still apprised of the events taking place.

Audicast also contains the ability to link directly with the committee management system Modern.Gov. for a seamless experience.


With Auditel GoPaperless (coming soon), you’ll be able to maintain a completely paperless meeting space, as well as integrating with Modern.Gov.

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